Jess Peter is an interaction designer and creative coder living in London.



Personal Project

Illustration showing glowing hands reaching up to alter a girl's appearance.

I wrote and coded this satirical interactive essay about technology and corporate culture for The Pudding. It was featured on Fast Company.

I did:

I did: Coding, writing, front-end development.

- 2021

Senior Designer

Thomson Reuters Labs

Thomson Reuters logo

Thomson Reuters Labs are the “global reaching innovation arm” of Thomson Reuters. I worked alongside multi-disciplinary teams on creating new features and powering up existing products with state-of-the-art data science techniques.

I did:

I did: Product design, user research, user experience design, data analysis, front-end development.


Goodwill Hunting

Personal Project

Chart showing fashion trends over time

I do a lot of personal projects to keep my skills sharp and investigate things that interest me. For Goodwill Hunting, I wanted to know what types of clothes are donated to Goodwill charity shops across the USA, and make some beautiful charts about my findings. This project made #1 on Hacker News. It's my nerdiest claim to fame.

I did:

I did: Visual design, data analysis, front-end development.


11 Years of Top-Selling Book Covers

The Pudding

A grid of book covers

I created this interactive piece for The Pudding while completing my Master's. On this site, you can explore the covers of more than a decade of New York Times best-sellers (approximately 5,000 books!) and judge your heart out. You can also filter by metadata from the Goodreads and The New York Times APIs, and by visual features detected by the Google Cloud Vision API.

I did:

I did: Coding, visual design, data analysis, front-end development.

- 2019

Hack 1 Knit 2

Oslo School of Architecture and Design

An assortment of small knitted objects

The software needed to use whole-garment knitting machines is incredibly complex, with users needing years of dedicated training to master. For my Master's Thesis, I developed open-source code that can be used to replicate many different knitting techniques that can be used by a wide range of makers for a wide range of projects on whole-garment knitting machines. This built off of work by the Carnegie Mellon Textiles Lab.

I did:

I did: Coding, research, writing, front-end development, knitting.

- 2017

Design and Front-end Dev Lead

The Globe and Mail (Sophi)

The Globe and Mail logo

I worked with The Globe and Mail's data science team to create Sophi: an in-house analytics systems to help editors understand how news stories are performing. I designed and developed both the front-end web experience, as well as a Chrome extension.

I did:

I did: Product design, user research, user experience design, front-end development.