Jess Peter is


Product designer. Creative coder. UX researcher. I have an unhealthy fascination with the strange and the complex.


A lot of my past jobs have been internal projects with sensitive data and internal users. I can’t always show as much as I’d like. Check out some of the work I’ve done for fun to see more of my breadth as a designer.

Senior Product Designer at SuperAwesome

The Kids Web Services department at SuperAwesome offers APIs and tools to help product developers create kid-safe online experiences.

I lead design on a few products within Kids Web Services, including the Verifiable Parental Consent service.

This service is used by companies such as Epic Games (SuperAwesome’s parent company) to help parents opt in or out of certain features on behalf of their children.

In my role, I create visuals, perform user research, and collaborate with the design, development, and legal teams.

Senior Designer/Front-end Developer at Thomson Reuters Labs

Thomson Reuters Labs is the applied research division of Thomson Reuters.

They explore how data science and technology can be used to innovate in the legal, tax, news, and other industries.

As a designer and front-end developer, I designed and built interfaces, performed visual analytics and data visualisation, and facilitated user research.

Designer/Front-end Developer at The Globe and Mail (Sophi)

Sophi is a data analytics products created primarily for news publications.

As the designer and front-end developer, I created a dashboard UI and browser plug-in, and continually collected user feedback.

Why award-winning human?

Whenever my domain name comes up, I get questions. First of all, yes, I have won some awards. Mostly for pretty niche things that become less and less topical the older I get. But if I were put on trial for domain name veracity, I bet I would win.

I chose this domain for a few reasons: a) it was available, b) I found it really funny, and c) as a designer who prefers to disappear into their work, it makes a lot of the self-promotional statements for me so I don’t have to.

So there you have it.